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June 20, 2019

How to Report a Car Accident in Richmond

You’ve been in a vehicle crash—now what do you do? Immediately after the accident, you should notify the police. If you suspect someone has been seriously injured, call 911. When police arrive at the crash location, they should document the scene and interview witnesses to figure out what caused the collision.

If possible, try not to move vehicles or any of the debris before police arrive. They need the scene left as much intact as possible so they can use this evidence to make a determination on what or who caused the crash. Of course, if it’s posted that you should move your accident to the side to help clear traffic, do so.

Next Steps after a Car Crash

Next, even if you don’t believe you’ve been seriously injured, you should seek medical attention after the accident. Many people find out they were injured in a crash days or even months later. Many back, neck, and shoulder injuries are not noticed right away. There are also reports of head injuries and internal injuries that aren’t immediately apparent.

Make sure you prioritize your health over all else.

Once the police have arrived and documented the scene, they should make a decision on what they believe happened.

You can also interview witnesses and collect evidence if you’re able to do so. You can also have others do this for you. Police officers are busy, and they aren’t always as thorough as they could be when dealing with car accidents, especially if they don’t think that anyone got hurt. Your photos, videos, and other evidence may be vital to proving your car accident case.

In order to recover compensation from an insurance company, you will need evidence that proves fault. Whether it was a reckless driver who caused your injuries or it was a negligent manufacturer or some other factor, you will need to demonstrate how someone else’s actions caused your accident and injuries and why they owe you money.

You will also need to prove how much they owe you by calculating all your damages.

Obtaining a Traffic Report in Richmond, VA

Before you can start insurance negotiations, you will need to obtain the police or traffic report. This is a vital piece of evidence that can be used to win your case. In order to obtain a traffic or crash report in Virginia, you need to contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The cost is $8.00 per report. Here’s the contact information below.

  • Requests made by mail:

Customer Records Work Center, Room 514

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

P.O. Box 27412, Richmond, VA 23269

  • Requests can be made by fax at (804) 367-0390.
  • Get a copy at a customer service center, such as Richmond Central.

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