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What Information to Collect In An Auto Accident

Car accidents can be a traumatic and stressful experience for everyone involved. In such a situation, it is important to remain calm and collect as much information as possible. Having all the necessary information can help you when it comes to making a claim, dealing with insurance companies, or even taking legal action. This article...

Defective Tires: Hidden Dangers of the Road

Driving a vehicle is an everyday activity that many of us take for granted, but did you know that the tires on your vehicle are one of the most critical components that can affect your safety on the road? Unfortunately, defective tires are a common problem, and they pose a significant danger to drivers, passengers,...

How to Report Police Misconduct

If you were injured, arrested or incarcerated as a result of police misconduct, you should consult with a police misconduct lawyer to see if you may have a legal case.  The civil rights attorneys at the Halperin Law Center have the experience and resources to fight for those whose rights have been violated.  If you...

Can A Parent/Guardian Sue On Behalf of Their Child?

  In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a parent or guardian may have the legal right to sue on behalf of their child in certain circumstances. The purpose of this type of lawsuit is to protect the rights and interests of a minor or someone who is otherwise unable to sue on their own behalf.  ...

What Are My Rights When Talking To The Police?

The relationship between citizens and police is complex, and can make interactions difficult when it comes to knowing your rights. We’ll answer your biggest questions when it comes to dealing with the police. When am I required to talk to the police? Never. You are never required to talk to the police, regardless of whether...

Have You Had A Slip And Fall?

Have You Had A Slip And Fall? In the state of Virginia, occupants of a commercial premise, like a grocery store, owe it to their customers to use ordinary care to remove snow and ice. Ordinary care is defined as taking the proper steps to clear off walkways, parking lots, and other areas within a...

Are Motorcyclists Treated Unfairly by Insurance Companies?

Are Motorcyclists Treated Unfairly by Insurance Companies? If you’re a motorcyclist, you know the road can be riskier for you compared to enclosed vehicles. Motorcycles are harder to balance, and it doesn’t take much to knock one over. So it’s only reasonable you depend more on your insurance company in case of an accident. Unfortunately,...


Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, a civil rights violation, or a personal injury, you can rest assured knowing a top-rate Richmond lawyer at Halperin Law Center will give you personalized attention, guidance, and support you deserve. We work tirelessly to help win the compensation and justice you deserve in your case.


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