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March 15, 2021

Dangerous Intersections in Alexandria

Crash data can give us some powerful insights into where exactly accidents happen, and what the most dangerous roads and intersections in your community are. In Virgina, a state-wide crash visualization interface does exactly. 

Read on to learn more about some of the dangerous local roads and intersections and how an Alexandria car accident lawyer can help.

Top Five Danger Zones for Alexandria Car Accidents

Thanks to Virginia’s novel Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS), drivers in the state have access to an easy-to-understand map that visualizes some important crash-related data for any jurisdiction around the state. 

By using the search fields to look for data related to accidents reported in the city of Alexandria in 2020, residents can get a feel for the overall frequency of crashes in the city, and where they take place. 

Some of the places where an accident most likely to occur in Alexandria include:

  • Capital Beltway/Interstate95/Interstate495 – Interstate 95/495 links up with the Capital Beltway for a stretch of eight miles ahead of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. On the Virginia side of the bridge, the nexus between these highways near US 1 just before the bridge is one of the most hazardous areas in the city to drive. This stretch of road reported more than 40 accidents in 2020 alone. 
  • I-395 – Another traffic choke point for Alexandria drivers is on the far west side of the city, near the overpass with Duke Street/State Route 236. Here, numerous accidents were reported in 2020 for drivers merging on and off on one of the many exits. 
  • State Route 7/King Street – This main commercial road splits Alexandria into east and west, and is also responsible for a fair share of traffic accidents in the city. In particular, the stretch of road between I-395 and W. Braddock Rd. witnessed more than ten accidents in 2020. 
  • Washington Street – More than thirty accidents were reported along the north-south running Washington Street in downtown Arlington in 2020. Some of the more problematic intersections included the junctions between Washington and Duke Street, Princess Street, and Wilkes Street. 
  • US 1 – US 1 becomes Patrick Street as it travels from north to south, due west of main Old Town in Alexandria. It’s also a focal point for some of the city’s accidents. Thirty-four accidents were reported in total in 2020, with the intersections at Madison Street, Prince Street, and Duke Street being reported as some of the most troublesome. 

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Alexandria

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