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March 11, 2020

Can New Tires Be Defective? 

When you purchase new tires, you probably think you have a long time before you need to worry about them causing you any issues on Virginia’s roads. In fact, many people feel safer when they know their tires are brand new. Theoretically, new tires should be safer than older tires. They have no wear and tear.

Regrettably, new tires can still cause car accidents. Tires can be defective, even if they are brand new. It all comes down to the manufacturing. If a manufacturer creates tires that are defective in some way, the defects could lead to an accident. The tire could blow out, and you could be left with injuries and damages.

If you believe that defective tires caused your Richmond accident, you could be owed compensation for your accident and injuries. You could file a personal injury claim against the tire manufacturer.

How to Know Whether You Have an Injury Case

The easiest way to learn whether you have a case is to call a Richmond defective tire attorney and find out. The call is free, so you have nothing to lose. To get a basic idea of whether you have a case, an investigation needs to happen.

You need to have the tires examined to see whether defects are present. It will be helpful if other people have had problems with the same brand and style of tires. You can check to see if your tires have been recalled

If you can prove, through evidence, that your tires were defective and that they caused your accident, you could file a claim. You could receive financial compensation to pay for your injuries, medical bills, and other losses.

Adding Up Your Richmond, Virginia Defective Tire Damages

You’ve figured out that defective tires caused your accident. You know which manufacturer is liable for your losses. Now, you need to figure out how much money they owe you for what you went through. It’s time to add up your losses so you can receive a fair settlement or financial award.

Adding up damages means collecting all of the financial losses you have suffered and adding them up. You can include future financial losses in your calculations. In addition to financial damages, you can also add in non-financial ones, such as pain, suffering, mental distress, disfigurement, scarring, and lost life enjoyment. Your lawyer can help you add up your losses.

Get in Touch with a Richmond Defective Tire Lawyer

When you have learned that your car accident was caused by defective tires, you are likely going to be looking for a lawyer’s help in filing a personal injury claim. You want a lawyer that has demonstrated results. You want a top-rated lawyer who has delivered big for clients and could deliver big for you.

Halperin Law Center helped one client get a $37.8 million verdict for injuries caused by a defective tire. Call 804-527-0100 or complete the website submission form below to reach our firm and get a free case assessment.


Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, a civil rights violation, or a personal injury, you can rest assured knowing a top-rate Richmond lawyer at Halperin Law Center will give you personalized attention, guidance, and support you deserve. We work tirelessly to help win the compensation and justice you deserve in your case.


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