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October 16, 2021

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Insurance Claims

Whether you are filing a car insurance claim, a home insurance claim, or something else, you might be wondering what the process looks like and if there’s anything you need to know. Filing insurance claims can be difficult if you’re doing it for the first time. Make sure you have all the information you need before starting the claims process. Reaching out to a lawyer near you is a great first step.

1. You Should Always File A Claim  

Many people think that if there isn’t too much damage or isn’t visible damage, you don’t have to file a claim. However, you might start experiencing more issues in the future from the problem that was caused now. 

You might then find yourself paying all of the costs out of pocket because you have no proof or evidence that the first damage was caused by an accident. So, anytime you are in an accident, no matter how minor, you should file a claim to ensure that costs are covered should you need to take the car to an auto repair shop after a car accident, for example. 

Filing a claim can also help you if you happen to find yourself in a lawsuit because of an accident in the future. Lawsuits and courts will always look at the insurance claims and want to know about the damage and the scene of the accident or incident. 

You should also file a claim even if the repair work is less than your deductible. This way there is a record of it and you can show what you paid for and what kind of damage took place. 

2. Filing Too Many Claims Can Cause Cancellation of Insurance 

In most cases, filing a claim is always a good idea because it will allow you to have an easy record of the accident. However, if the insurance company thinks you are filing too many claims or filing too many in the same time period, they might cancel your policy. 

Insurance companies will always want to make sure that there is no fraud or problems. So, make sure you always fill out the forms correctly and talk to a representative or a lawyer if you’re worried about the claims process. 

3. Your Premium Won’t Always Increase from Filing a Claim

Many people assume that filing a claim will automatically increase their premium. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Some reasons for increasing the premium might include:

  • Government regulations 
  • The overall rise in medical costs for claims 
  • The prior claims you’ve made 
  • How long you’ve been a customer with the insurance company 
  • The coverages and limits you have if you purchase or renew a policy 

Always ask the representative if your premium will increase and see if they can offer some advice. 

Get Ahold of a Top-Rated Lawyer from Halperin Law Center 

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