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Fight back against sexual assault and misconduct by filing a claim against those responsible for your abuse. A Richmond sexual abuse attorney at Halperin Law Center is ready to stand beside you and workk to get your the settlement you deserve.

Victims of sexual abuse suffer for many years; sometimes, forever. Those responsible for abusing another person can be held liable for what they’ve done. In addition to facing criminal charges and penalties, these abusers can also be held liable in civil court for the pain, mental distress, and damages they’ve inflicted throughout your life.

A Richmond sexual abuse lawyer from our law firm can help you hold a sex abuser accountable in civil court. Filing a sex abuse claim could get you the financial compensation you’re owed for what you’ve been through. In addition, your claim could bring about changes in legislation that could make sex abuse less likely to occur.

Understanding Liability for Sexual Abuse in Richmond

Who is liable for the sex abuse you suffered? That will depend on a number of factors, such as where the abuse occurred. Did you suffer abuse at your workplace? Did the sexual assault happen at a school or a nursing home? Sometimes more than just the abuser could be financially liable for what happened to you.

For instance, if you were sexually abused at work, your employer could be liable for what you endured. If you can show that the employer could have done more to protect you from sexual abuse, they may be liable for your damages.

A Richmond sex abuse attorney at our firm can help you to figure out who is liable for your abuse, and then they can help you to bring a case against all those who were to blame. Here are a few more examples of who could be liable for the sexual abuse you suffered.

  • Churches
  • Private Schools
  • The government
  • Caregiving facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Medical professionals

Teachers, coaches, and others who work with children

The Settlement You Deserve for the Sexual Abuse You Suffered

Your Richmond sex assault lawyer will help you to bring a claim, because you deserve to receive full compensation for the suffering you’ve been through. You can be compensated for the following damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Mental anguish and related treatment
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Lost income and lost earning capability
  • Loss of life happiness

Get in Touch with a Sexual Abuse Attorney in Richmond, VA

No one should ever have to experience sexual abuse, and your abuser should be held to account for what they’ve done. As mentioned, not only can you receive justice and financial compensation for what you’ve been through, but your claim can also protect others from being abused in the same way or by the same person.

Get ahold of a Richmond sexual abuse lawyer to discuss your case and goals for compensation. Call Halperin Law Center at 804-527-0100 or fill out the form below to reach an attorney at our firm. Your free case consultation is waiting.

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