What Are Non-Economic Damages in Virginia?

Accident victims have many questions following their accident, and one of those questions is often, “What are non-economic damages in Virginia?”

If you’ve never been in an accident caused by someone else, you probably don’t know what types of damages you may be entitled to through the personal injury claim process. Read on to learn more about the different types of damages that may be available to an injury victim in Virginia.

Types of Damages in Virginia Personal Injury Cases

There are two main types of damages that you could be entitled to after an accident: economic damages and non-economic damages. “Damages” is a legal term used to describe the negative effects of an injury that were brought about by someone’s negligence, whether the context was a car accident, a premises liability case, or something else altogether.

Virginia law allows those who’ve been injured by another person’s wrongful or careless actions to file a claim to receive a settlement to pay for your damages.

Economic damages are the negative financial ramifications of your accident. For instance, medical bills, lost income, costs of mental health treatment, physical therapy costs, and transportation expenses are some examples of financial damages.

Non-economic damages are the other effects of your accident that aren’t financial in nature. For example, if you dealt with excruciating physical pain as a result of your accident, that is one type of non-economic loss. You could also be dealing with scarring, permanent injury, mental trauma, and loss of life enjoyment.

You could be able to file an injury claim that could account for both your financial and non-financial damages.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Virginia

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