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When a Lyft driver has caused the accident that injured you, they can be made to pay for your damages, just like any other driver. Get help filing a claim against them by contacting a top-rated Richmond Lyft injury attorney at Halperin Law Center.

Ridesharing is a wonderful way to get around Richmond, especially if you need a fast, reasonably priced ride. There are many great things about ridesharing; however, rideshare drivers are humans, and they can make mistakes that can cause you to be hurt. If you’ve been in an accident involving a Lyft driver (or an Uber driver or other rideshare provider), you have the right to pursue damages from them.

Lyft requires their drivers (and Virginia law does as well) to maintain insurance on their vehicles at all times. This means that if they are responsible for the accident that hurt you, then you can recover compensation for your damages. For help with an injury claim, reach out to a Richmond Lyft accident lawyer at our firm.

Who’s Liable if You’re Injured in a Richmond Lyft Crash?

When a Lyft driver hurts you, you might wonder if the company of Lyft is also liable for your accident. They can be, but it will depend on the situation.

In most accidents, the Lyft driver’s insurance will cover your financial and nonfinancial losses. If you’re seriously injured, though, that’s when you might be able to file your claim with Lyft’s insurer as well.

Lyft provides insurance coverage for serious accidents that result in damages that exceed the driver’s policy. Lyft’s insurance acts as secondary insurance, kicking in after the driver’s insurance coverage has been exhausted.

There are other situations in which Lyft could be liable for your accident, such as if Lyft failed to abide by the laws of Virginia—for instance, if they didn’t background check the driver who hurt you. Your Richmond Lyft crash lawyer will investigate your accident and will know who to file your injury claim against.

The Settlement You Deserve for a Richmond Accident Involving Lyft

Compensation for your damages is your right when you weren’t the one who caused the accident that hurt you. Even though the Lyft driver didn’t mean to injure you, they are still liable for an accident they caused. A Richmond Lyft wreck attorney will work to secure you payment for the following damages:

Need Help Filing Your Claim? Call a Richmond Lyft Wreck Lawyer Now!

Lyft drivers can be held financially liable for any injuries and losses they’ve caused you. The company of Lyft might also be liable, depending on the circumstances of your Richmond auto crash case. Filing a claim can be confusing and intimidating, especially when multiple parties are involved. You don’t have to deal with the claim process without legal help.

Pass some of the stress of filing an injury claim along to a top-rated Richmond Lyft accident lawyer at Halperin Law Center. Tell us about your claim and expectations during a free case assessment. Reach out through the online form down below, or dial our office at 804-527-0100.



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