How to Get an Accident Report in Richmond

Following a vehicle collision or other kind of serious accident, the police will often arrive on the scene. They will almost always make a report about the accident, as well as give their observations on the accident scene, and they will record interviews with witnesses.

An accident report can be a key piece of evidence when filing an insurance claim or when filing an injury claim against a negligent party. That’s why it’s important that you understand how to get an accident report in Richmond.

Requesting Your Accident Report from a Law Enforcement Agency

When you discover that you need to request an accident report to use as proof in your injury claim, you will then need to figure out which law enforcement agency to contact. You need to know which agency because separate agencies maintain separate records.

For instance, the Richmond Police Department (RPD) is a separate law enforcement agency from the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office (RCSO). The RPD won’t have an accident report completed by a deputy with the RCSO.

Once you figure out which agency to contact, you then need to use the method that works for you. Most agencies allow you to request records over the phone, over the Internet, by mail, or in person, but not all of them do. For instance, the Richmond Police Department allows you to obtain a copy of a police report in person or over the phone. The fee is $5.00.

If the report you need is for a vehicle collision, and not for some other accident type, then you can request a copy of your report through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. They maintain records of all vehicle accidents in Virginia (that have been reported) for a minimum of thirty-six months.

They are required to release the full auto wreck report to participants in the accident, or to their representatives.

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