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August 9, 2021

Is It Better to Settle or Go to Trial After a Car Accident?

Getting into a car accident can leave you facing emotional and physical damages. On top of that, you might be facing legal action or be wondering what’s the best way to get compensation after the accident. In most scenarios, you will have two options: to reach a settlement or take the case to trial. 

If you have been in a car accident that isn’t your fault, you are probably distressed and want to pursue a way to cover your expenses. With the help of an experienced Richmond car accident lawyer, you will be able to decide which option is best for you and which one will make the most sense in your current situation. 

Settling vs. Trial 

The decision will vary case by case. It will also depend on your lawyer and the other side’s lawyer. Sometimes the other party wants to avoid a trial if they don’t have sufficient evidence to support their case or if they want to avoid extensive legal fees. Trials can also be exhausting and drag on for a long time. Some people prefer to settle because it means they will get their money quicker and won’t have to spend too much time going in and out of court buildings. 

However, always ask the advice of your lawyer. There are pros and cons to both trials and settlements. They will be able to decide which one is better for you and will have ways to get you the most compensation they can. Whichever route you take, you can rest assured your lawyer will get you a fair trial or a fair settlement.

Pursuing a Settlement 

If both parties agree to settle, you won’t need to go to trial. In this case, your lawyer will come to an agreement with the other party and the car insurance company. The settlement will list all the compensation you are entitled to and other agreed-upon commands. 

Some settlements will have a payment plan and others will be a lump sum. Settlements will often be resolved outside of court before a trial ever needs to begin. 

Going to Trial 

If an agreement to the dispute cannot be reached, you will have to take the case to trial. This happens when one or both parties does not agree with the settlement offer or the counteroffer. A trial will typically be more expensive and will mean you don’t get compensation as quickly. 

Most trials for car accidents last between 2-3 days. In rare cases, they can take years to solve. The car accident claim process can be complex.

Get Ahold of a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Now you have some additional information in regard to your question: Is it better to settle or go to trial after a car accident? You don’t always have to go to court to get car accident compensation, but it’s certainly an option, especially if the other party and insurance company isn’t working with you. 

Find out what option may be best for you by talking with an injury lawyer at Halperin Law Center. Call 804-527-0100 to reach our firm, or fill out the contact form below.


Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, a civil rights violation, or a personal injury, you can rest assured knowing a top-rate Richmond lawyer at Halperin Law Center will give you personalized attention, guidance, and support you deserve. We work tirelessly to help win the compensation and justice you deserve in your case.


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